Thursday, October 09, 2008

Photokina--My Picks... Part 2

In fact, there weren't any second round picks from my perspective. Here's what I wish I had seen.

1. I'd love to see a Sigma 50-150 F2.8 without front focus issues, and with Sigma's image stabilization (OS). Heck, I'd take any medium telephoto with IS that would challenge and serve as an alternative to the Canon 70-200 IS's that are $1100 and $1600... yikes.

2. I'd love to see some fisheye lenses, espeically from Tamron or Sigma--again affordable, please!

3. I'd love to see some of these HD video featured cameras coming with external audio, and manual video controls like focus and aperture. Obviously the Canon 5d Mark II has some of these and that's a good sign. More please!

4. What happened to printing innovation? Can we have some more affordable wide format printers? I'm still loving my Epson 1400, especially now that I've found 3rd party ink that claims to have the same characteristics as Claria ink. More of this would be good. How about better ways to display and package prints. Surely there are other photographers out there wanting some better more affordable solutions... or maybe I just haven't found them yet.

5. Strobist is a force in the photography world, when is Canon going to get with the program and add something like the Nikon CLS to their camera/flash system. Also, every time I start to get a little interested in a Sony DSLR I bump into the backward proprietary attitude that is so disappointing where ever it is found, but perhaps that most agregious example of this problem is the old Minolta Flash Hot Shoe, and Sony hasn't changed it. I really feel for folks who struggle with those. The point of all this? It's time to see the big players recognize the brave new world of photography where almost every serious photographer uses portable light for something--and demands a system that plays well with the various options that are out there.

So there's my little rant to wind up Photokina.

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