Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Few Shots

This is a flash technique that I may have read about somewhere, or I may just have discovered on my own. Either way, this is how it works: attach your flash with a cord, manually zoom your flash (requires zoom flash), get closer to the subject and use a wide angle with your lens, then point the flash carefully at the subject and take the picture. It creates this kind of spot-light like effect. Good for some situations.

This is just a good example of good sidelighting. This is a flash photo, which doesn't look too flashy, although the colors are a little less dynamic than in natural lighting.

I was able to get this glassy smooth look by leaning against a tree and slowing down my shutter speed. The fact that the camera is digital allowed me to experiment and try many times until I was getting a picture that I was satisfied with.

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